Antimicrobial coating promotes hygiene

Accessible bathrooms have many surfaces to grasp that ensure the safety of users and their assistants. These touch surfaces accumulate microbes, like bacteria and mould that cancause harmful infections that spread easily. Our hygienically safe products prevent microbes from growing on them and reduce the risk of them spreading through bathroom furnishing.

Our selected bathroom furnishing comes with an antimicrobial protection that is proven to reduce microbes by up to 99.9%. It works through the inherent antimicrobial activity of silver. Externally used silver is a proven  and effective – way to make products more hygienic and safer to use. 


Easy way to gain safety

The antimicrobial feature of bathroom furnishings is an easy way to promote safety and help prevent dangerous hospital-acquired infections, for example  BioCote technology is proven effective against MRSA . The durable antimicrobial coating improves cleanability and reduces the environmental burden. Safe design for all – except for microbes!

The antimicrobial basin is the cornerstone of a functional, accessible bathroom. Antimicrobial hand and support rails with an elastomeric coating complete the set. Korpinen is a member of the HygTech Alliance, which is a holistic concept for safe shared spaces. 

Proven effectivity

It has been proved that the antimicrobial feature in our bathroom furnishings destroys up to 99.9% of harmful microbes. The materials are tested according to the ISO 22196 standard, and they meet the required threshold values (JIS Z 2801). Tested, safe products with antimicrobial features are also certified by Biocote. 

Active design, made to share

HygTech Alliance

HygTech Alliance is the first holistic antimicrobial solution for shared spaces in the world. HygTech is an alliance of six leading Finnish brands: Korpinen, Abloy, Isku, Lojer, Oras and Teknos.

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