The elements of accessible environment

In addition to Gaius bathroom products, you can also get height-adjustable kitchen solutions from Korpinen, as well as lift devices both as ceiling rail systems and as portable devices. There are other aids needed in a barrier-free and functional environment. In addition, impact-resistant antimicrobial wall materials and safety products are available for particularly challenging environments.

GAIUS Product Guide

Antimicrobial technology 

BioCote® treatment ensures the highest level of protection against microbes for the entire functional lifespan of our products. 

Our antimicrobial basins are made of a durable composite material and cultured marble. Antimicrobial hand and support rails with an elastomeric coating serve as complementary protection. 

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The accent colours in Gaius products, such as those on hand rails and shower seats, facilitate spatial perception. Our range provides a colour selection of red, grey, and yellow accents to contrast the white products. The lighting fixtures on our Gaius products provide a soft yet sufficiently bright light that mimics natural sunlight. 

Our colour combinations serve to ensure your safety, whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing environment to operate in. 


Hand holds, non-slip support rails, and shower seats make washing up safe. The integrated ESD-protection in our products blocks electrostatic discharge and thus prevents damage in electronic devices. 

Magnetic locks on our cabinets provide protection for your care equipment and instruments, where they are accessible only by authorised users.