The companies in the HygTech Alliance – Korpinen, Abloy, Oras, Isku, Lojer and Teknos – are the first in Europe to provide a unique, complete line of antimicrobial solutions. The solution provides a safer environment and a hygienically unbroken chain. The unique antimicrobial product line is able to effectively prevent the growth and spread of bacteria through touched surfaces.

The three million hospital-acquired infections in Europe annually result in the deaths of 37,000 people, 16 million additional hospital days, and additional heath care costs of seven billion euros. New materials and solutions can reduce the number of infections in hospitals by up to 60%. People come into contact with surfaces and furniture for example in hospitals, schools, nurseries or institutions where bacteria spreads easily. The HygTech Alliance provides solutions for these environments, enabling building and furnishing a clean future with tested materials, promoting the wellbeing of people.

The overall approach of the HygTech Alliance includes the following:

Antimicrobial bathroom furniture and fittings by Korpinen
Antimicrobial furniture by Isku
Antimicrobial door handles, knobs, and automated doors by Abloy
Touch-free tapware by Oras
Antimicrobial paints by Teknos

Complete antimicrobial bathroom solution

Bathroom furniture made by Korpinen take into account the requirements of strict hygiene standards. Antibacterial surfaces that destroy bacteria and other microbes can prevent infections from spreading through furniture. Promoting the safety of the environment, a durable coating that destroys bacteria also improves cleanability and reduces the environmental burden.

Our antimicrobial sinks are made of a durable composite material and cultured marble. Antimicrobial grab rails and handles with an elastomeric coating complete the set.

Certificate of Antibacterial Analysis
Test Method: ISO22196: 2011


The Association for Finnish Work

The Association for Finnish Work (Suomalaisen työn liitto) has awarded Korpinen and its Gaius products and solutions the Key Flag (Avainlippu), which indicate good Finnish quality and know-how. As is typical to Finnish products, also Korpinen’s solutions are reliable and of high quality. Customers can always count on the products complying with the strictest usability and safety criteria.

For us, product development and production in Finland is a matter of course. With the support of our network of partners, we also create accessibility solutions for the international markets. Our network of collaborators consists of skilled people from a number of fields: subcontractors involved in everything from mechanical planning to design; product manufacturers; and professionals in social and health care who specialise in the planning of premises, hospital hygiene, and ergonomics, among other things.

To be awarded the Avainlippu label, a product has to be manufactured in Finland. The product’s degree of domestic origin, meaning the share of the product’s manufacturing costs expenses incurred in Finland is also determined. It has to be at least 50%, but in practice, the average proportion of domestic origin of products awarded the Avainlippu label is over 80%.