Gaius Life bathroom

An accessible bathroom for private homes and independent living

Gaius Life is a functional and attractive bathroom concept designed for the home environment. The solution eases daily activities and independence. Each product serves a dual purpose - the shower doors are not only stylish, but also give wheelchair users unobstructed access to the shower.

Gaius Life bathroom products can support all ages of family members in carrying out their daily tasks enjoyably. The selection of products can be revised as demands change. To facilitate easy cleaning, all products are wall-mounted.  

Gaius Life solutions can also be used in entryways. The entryway solution enhances safety at home with its seat and support rail solutions. The seat makes it easier to put on and take off shoes and fits even into a very narrow space as it can be folded up after use. The support rails can be used to give extra support and increase safety when sitting down or standing up.

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