Hospitals and outpatient health care facilities

The Gaius Hospital bathroom solution is designed to meet the demands of those in critical need of support, in conjunction with supplying an ergonomic work environment for their caregivers. The solutions are based on results of a research project at Sotera, the Research Institute for Health Care Facilities operating within the Department of Architecture at Aalto University.
The solution provides plenty of space for a shower trolley, two assistants, and a patient lift, allowing for autonomous movement and thereby faster patient recovery. 

Accessible – except for microbes

Antimicrobial bathroom products make prevention of hospital-acquired infections easy. The technology is proved to destroy up to 99.9% of harmful microbes, including mould, bacteria, and some strands of viral infections. All Korpinen products are infused with silver ions that provide permanent 24 hour protection against microbes, further ensuring the safety our patients. 

Gaius Hospital - model floorplan

  1. Sense corner basin

    1 Sense corner basin

    The curve of the front rim of the corner wash basin makes it easier to approach the basin and lean over it. The basin is made of durable and antimicrobial composite material, providing a seamless and hygienic finish. New European PMR standards are embodied in the design, for example in the angled front rim, that ensures water stays inside the basin. A water trap and mountings for the fixed basin are included with the delivery. Load-bearing capacity of the basin is max. 400 kg.

    • Material: non-reflective white antimicrobial compound
    • Dimensions: 840 x 840 mm
    • Accent colour options: red, grey
    • Height adjustment options: mechanical, hand crank, electric, adjustment range 200 mm
    • Maximum load: 400 kg
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  2. Luna bidé basin

    2 Luna bidé basin

    The Luna basin is an aesthetic and functional cast marble bidet for confined spaces. It is a durable, easy-care, and hygienic choice for hospitals, public buildings, and private bathrooms.

    • Material: white antimicrobial cast marble
    • Dimensions: 390 x 270 x 90 mm
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  3. Sense shower seat, height adj.

    3 Sense shower seat, height adj.

    A modern, ergonomic folding shower seat, which allows for a stable yet comfortable sitting position. The tilted surface channels excess water away. Easy to fold up, set down, and lock in upright position. Customizable with on-the-spot height adjustments with range of 200 mm. Owing to the single-rail height adjustment system, the seat is easy to clean and safe to fold down. Possible to come equipped with a combined arm- and backrest.

    • Dimensions: W 430 x H 613 x D 510 mm
    • Material: antimicrobial integral plastic
    • Colour options: red, grey
    • Load-bearing capacity: 500 kg
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  4. Regal height adjustable support rail

    4 Regal height adjustable support rail

    Modern Regal- and Oval- support rails are ideal for places where advanced functionality is required. Light to lift up and set down in a controlled manner. User-specific, easy height adjustment with no tools. Seamless profile does not gather dust or dirt and is easy to keep clean.

    • Frame is white with antimicrobial, non-slip elastomer
    • Rail accent colour options: red, grey, yellow
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  5. 5

    A single, oval handrail, that allows for a natural and firm grip. The rail is seamless and antimicrobrial, made from a single piece of alumnium pipe. Product includes mounting hardware.

    • Material is aluminium with antimicrobial paint
    • Cover plate is elastic, easy-to-clean silicone
    • Colour options: grey, red, white; with cover plates: grey, red, white
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  6. Solo handrail

    6 Solo handrail

    The seamless design of the Solo handrail, coupled with the slim, oval shape of the bar provides a firm grip. The rail diameter is 30 x 33 mm. The antimicrobial properties of the frame ensure a high level of hygiene. Load-bearing capacity is min. 225 kg. Mounting hardware is included. 

    Product numbers:

    • 16802W      White
    • 16802G      Grey
    • 16802R       Red
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  7. Solo E support rail

    7 Solo E support rail

    The unique E shaped-rail allows for a natural and firm grip from all different directions and angles. Ergonomic, oval-shaped profile.

    • Material: antimicrobial painted aluminium
    • Colour options: grey, red, white
    • Dimensions: W 500 x D 235...155 mm
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  8. Corner mirror

    8 Corner mirror

    The Gaius corner mirror is especially intended as a complementary piece to the Gaius Hospital basin. 

    • mounting hardware included
    • safety film available as an accessory, product number: Turvakalvo
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  9. LED light

    9 LED light

    Durable LED lights are an ideal addition to accessible bathrooms. Cabinet and wall mounting options.

    IP44 IEC protection class. 6 W, 550 lumen, 3000/4000/6000 K

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  10. Gaius paper towel cabinet

    10 Gaius paper towel cabinet

    Cabinets are designed to withstand active use and humid or wet conditions.

    • Material: white, moisture-resistant 16 mm melamine; white laminate doors with grey accent strips on edges as standard.
    • The door opening direction can be reversed.
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  11. 11

    • W200 x H40 x D110 mm 
    • chrome-plated stainless steel

    This small soap basket has low railings. Mounting hardware included. 

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  12. RST Line toilet brush holder

    12 RST Line toilet brush holder

    RST Line toilet brush holder made of stainless steel. 

    Brush sold separately (335 or 340)

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  13. TOOLFLEX rack

    14 TOOLFLEX rack

    TOOLFLEX racks are mountable to walls and furniture. The rack holds walking sticks, crutches, and mops or other cleaning supplies.

    White plastic. Suitable for Ø 20–30 mm. 

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  14. Dispenso Pac wall rack

    15 Dispenso Pac wall rack

    • Elbow-operated 
    • For disposable packages
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  15. Glove box holder

    16 Glove box holder

    • Three compartments, cable model
    • W 260 x H 455 x D 87 (mm) 

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  16. Steel wire basket without lid

    17 Steel wire basket without lid

    • Steel wire basket without lid
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