Päijät-Häme Central Hospital - Lahti

Päijät-Häme Central Hospital opened new facilities in October 2022. In the renovation project, bathroom and toilet facilities were equipped with Korpinen Gaius bathroom products, emphasizing functionality, accessibility, hygiene, and durability.

Korpinen turnkey delivery included over 8,000 products

The comprehensive delivery included not only bathroom accessories but also mirrors, equipment rails, whiteboards, fire extinguishing equipment, as well as various holders and racks. This way, Lujatalo, acting as the main contractor, was able to easily and reliably acquire all the necessary equipment, including accessibility products, with a single agreement.

— It has been nice to see that we can increasingly assist our customers' projects by taking responsibility beyond equipping bathrooms. Successful implementation of such a large installation project requires active communication between the supplier, client, designers, site management, and installers. We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with Päijät-Sote and Lujatalo, says Antti Hyttinen, Sales Director at Korpinen.


Above is a virtual image of Korpisen's Gaius concept. You can move the image, double-click to zoom in, and click on the products. In the top-right corner of the menu, you can choose the room to be viewed.


Functionality is crucial

Anu Pennanen, Korpinen's Business Development Manager, emphasizes that bathroom design plays a crucial role in the overall life cycle costs of the hospital. Functionality is key, supporting the patient's independence, safety, and accelerating recovery and discharge.

— The comprehensive solution includes premium products and their optimal placement, including correct distances. This influences the patient's self-sufficiency and, in turn, their rehabilitation. Additionally, it reduces the burden on the nursing staff, which has become increasingly important in hospitals and care homes, says Anu.

Product cleanability and hygiene are crucial for operating costs

— Gaius products are easy to keep clean. Additionally, they are antimicrobial, which aids in infection control. Antimicrobial properties persist throughout the entire lifespan of the products, states Anu.

In bathrooms and toilet facilities, aids should be easily detectable. For example, in Päijät-Häme Central Hospital, support rails, handles, and shower seats are red, clearly contrasting with the otherwise white environment.

"Color contrasts help with distance perception and spatial awareness. Research shows that the color red remains in human muscle memory the longest."



"The construction project has been crucial for the social and healthcare sector in the region"

— The new project of Päijät-Häme Central Hospital is our most important individual investment since the hospital was completed in 1976, stated CEO Timo Louna in the Päijät-Sote press release. In 2016, our hospital obtained a national status as a comprehensive 24/7 emergency hospital. This was positively influenced by the commitment of the joint municipal authority to develop the property. We will continue to provide high-quality and comprehensive hospital services in our region, utilizing the latest hospital technology, Louna explains.

— To ensure that such a large and demanding hospital project is completed according to the planned schedule and quality standards, it requires seamless cooperation between the developer and the contractor. The project was exceptionally professionally managed by both Päijät-Sote and our own team, expresses Sami Sairanen, the site manager of Lujatalo Oy, with gratitude.

"This has been a fantastic journey together."

— We started the construction in 2019, and the targeted handover date was met exactly. The finished building strongly reflects the input of the users, the opinions of the customer advisory board, and the strong and high-quality expertise of construction professionals involved in the implementation, rejoices Johanna Aitamurto, the facility director of Päijät-Sote.

The press release about the project by Päijät-Sote can be read here.


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