Malminkartano service complex - Helsinki

In early 2023, Helsinki's Malminkartano welcomed Finland's most versatile service complex. The complex seamlessly integrates Gaius Care's accessible bathroom concept with ceiling patient lifts, enabling safe and effortless mobility.

This unique complex offers a wide range of services and facilities tailored to the needs of its residents. The complex includes services such as a daycare center, round-the-clock assisted living, communal housing, and even a daycare center for dogs.

– Malminkartano's project could be likened to an old-fashioned village center: it has everything necessary for people of all ages, with a multitude of elements for a good everyday life.

Mira Ruusunen, the director of Norlandia's care unit, was responsible for the project's design from a caregiving perspective. She considered the needs of the elderly down to the floor plans, emphasizing the importance of community in residents' daily lives. Ruusunen is delighted by the seamless integration of daily life, thanks to the consideration of various services and user groups from the initial stages of the design, as mentioned in Hoivatilat's article.

Olli Haapio, the project development manager, was responsible for the planning of Malminkartano's care facilities. Despite the process being time-consuming and full of surprises, Haapio shared that everything eventually fell into place. There was a significant need for new facilities in the area, supported by the city of Helsinki, to develop the area for the benefit of its residents.

The architectural design was led by Mari Ille from L Arkkitehdit, with the aim of creating a warm and homely environment. The buildings were designed to promote a good quality of life and a sense of community in a sustainable and high-quality manner.

- This has been an interesting and inspiring design project for us. It has been challenging but definitely rewarding to consider and provide design solutions tailored to the preferences and needs of such a diverse range of user groups," describes Ille in her work for Hoivatilat's article.

Korpisen Gaius Care bathroom concept products were selected for Malminkartano's service complex

Gaius Care is a functional bathroom solution designed especially for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and specialized housing. It is meticulously designed, considering dimensions, ergonomics, and functionality down to the smallest detail. Supportive sinks, storage cabinets, and grab bars form a cohesive unit where the placement and distances between components are designed to support independent mobility. Read more

Antimicrobial Features Prevent Infection Outbreaks in Nursing Homes

Microbes accumulate on surfaces through touch, causing harmful infections that can easily spread from person to person. Antimicrobial surfaces on bathroom fixtures have been scientifically proven to destroy 99.9% of harmful microbes. Read more (FIN)

Above is a virtual image of Korpisen Gaius bathroom, allowing you to navigate the image, zoom in by double-clicking, and click on products. You can also choose the room you want to view from the menu in the upper right corner.

Ceiling Lift System: Aesthetic, Safe, and Practical for Patient Transfers in Malminkartano

Malminkartano features a comprehensive ceiling lift system that enables safe and efficient patient rehabilitation and quick transfers between rooms, all while respecting privacy. Ceiling-mounted lifts eliminate the need for additional floor space for the lift. Ceiling rail solutions offer limitless installation possibilities in patient and bathroom areas, as well as common areas.

In Malminkartano, H-rails that provide almost unrestricted mobility were favored for bathroom areas, allowing patients to move comfortably while using the toilet, shower, and sink while in lift slings.

The Roomer S lift model was chosen to eliminate the need for sound-conducting openings in doors or partitions for the lift rails, as patients can move from one ceiling rail to another through the doorway

See the ceilining lift system on solution on The Mind and Rehabilitation Center reference.


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