Elvelund Care Home - Øksnes, Norway

Hepro, a sister company of Korpinen’s, delivered the Gaius bathroom solution to a care home in Norway. Finnish design and quality also appeal to Nordic customers and users of the products.

The care home, located in the beautiful municipality of Øksnes, Norway, is a new building with a gross floor area of 2,200 square meters. It consists of eight apartments spread over two floors. The project was carried out as a turnkey contract, with Peyma Entreprenør AS as the responsible contractor and Alt'a Rør handling the plumbing. Øksnes municipality acted as the client for the project.

Elvelund 2 is a care home designed for residents who can largely live independently. The living units are spacious, with each apartment featuring a kitchen/living room and a dividing wall between the bedroom and living room.

"Our goal is to enable residents to be self-sufficient, but there is also a need for assistance, so meals are prepared and eaten together. It's great that there are grab bars on all the walls that the elderly can hold onto if their balance is unsteady. We always use shower seats, which are very helpful for us as employees," says Helene Hanssen, a caregiver at the care home.

The resident of Elvelund care home commented that using the height-adjustable toilet seat feels safe. There is plenty of space between the support rails, which is not the case with all portable aids. Thanks to the lift-up support rails, moving to the washbasin is easy. The resident finds it convenient that the height of the washbasin and toilet seat can be adjusted, especially when experiencing pain in the hands and shoulders.

"The products are of high quality, and the result turned out exactly as planned" - Kenneth Heggeli, CEO of Alt'a Rør AS

"We are extremely satisfied with the project and the collaboration with our customers, both the plumbing installation company and the contractor, at Elvelund 2. The most important thing is to have the opportunity to demonstrate that we sell high-quality products that enable users and caregivers to live a safe and easier everyday life," says Sarita Betin, Head of Department at Hepro.

Gaius - Small Details, Great Outcome


The ideal composition of Gaius bathrooms is based on high-quality furniture and fixtures, as well as their optimal placement. Every detail, from lighting and colors to materials and design, supports users' independence and reduces the workload of assistants. Korpinen now offers even more expertise, ready-made templates, and objects for designers and BIM-based planning, free of charge.

Does it have the Key Flag symbol?

Korpisen's Gaius products bear the Key Flag symbol. The Key Flag symbol represents Finnish expertise that can be trusted. Finnish qualities of quality and reliability are evident in Korpisen's solutions. Customers can always rely on Korpisen's products meeting the strictest usability and safety criteria. We focus on the long life cycle of our products and the ability to recycle materials.


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