The unique new Senior Hotel “Ainola” opened in Espoo

In September, Finland’s first senior hotel opened its doors, in Espoo’s Pohjois-Tapiola. Situated in a forest-like setting, the beautifully designed hotel offers high-quality part-time and around-the-clock assisted-living services. The comfortable rooms have en-suite bathrooms that are equipped with modern, antimicrobial furnishings for added safety and comfort.

Managing Director Tuula Laulaja (in the middle) being congratulated by Carl Hietala and Leena Mäki from Korpinen.

‘The elderly are not patients to us but human beings whom we want to make happy,’ says Managing Director Tuula Laulaja, describing Ainola’s philosophy.

The bathrooms are furnished with Korpinen’s bathroom furnishing and equipment, which are equipped with support rails and made from antimicrobial materials, to prevent microbes from spreading. The bathroom furniture supplied by Korpinen is accessible and designed to enable easier orientation in the space. The colours and materials have been selected especially for people with dementia or limited mobility. The bright red of the support rails and hand rails makes their location and orientation easier to perceive, contributing to safe use of the bathroom.

The en-suite bathrooms are equipped with Korpinen’s accessible, antimicrobial bathroom furnishing and toilet seats with a wash-and-dry feature for added hygiene.

Each bathroom features Korpinen’s antimicrobial Sense basin with a red colour attention stripe, which makes them readily visible.

In the hotel’s sauna department, guests can relax and enjoy bathing in safe and pleasant surroundings. 

We are happy that we had the opportunity to participate in the building of Finland’s first accessible senior hotel.

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