These elements make an accessible kitchen

Accessibility is important in our daily life

It is important for everyone to be able to use their kitchen freely, safely and independently. Today, adjustable desks are a natural part of everyday work in offices — so why not apply the system in kitchens, too?

The easily adjustable Ropox kitchen systems include many individual solutions for supported housing facilities, specialised educational institutions, nursing homes, institutional and teaching kitchens, private homes, and so on.

The height adjustment systems are safe, durable and easy to install, and they are always made of first-class materials.

Ropox user-friendly kitchens

  • can easily be adjusted to fit changing user needs
  • make people with limited mobility more self-sufficient
  • meet – or exceed – the relevant standards in force



Height adjustable upper wall cabinets

Height adjustable upper wall cabinets ensure that each user is able to see the contents in all of the cabinets and can reach any item in them. 

The Ropox lift systems can either lower the entire cabinet, lower and move the cabinet from the wall closer to the user, or lower the shelves only. The safety stop plates under the cabinets ensure that nothing gets squashed between the cabinet and the work top. 

For renovation projects, you can select a lift unit that is installed inside an existing cabinet. The InDi lift system allows existing cabinets to be used as is, lowering only the shelves towards the user.


Kitchen worktops reach new heights

An adjustable worktop is extremely handy for the user — it makes work easier and enables independent operation both when seated and standing at various heights.

Depending on the user, worktops can be adjusted either electronically or manually by turning the handle. Some of the worktop lift units have an automatic safety switch built in to stop the lift when an obstacle is detected and the worktop starts to shake.

The safety switch is recommended for all models. You can also adjust a corner worktop.


Height-adjustable kitchen table for many purposes

Adjustable desks are already a natural part of everyday work in offices — so why not apply the system in kitchens, too? An adjustable kitchen table is an ideal solution for all the family members — adults, children and wheelchair users alike. The table can be used for many purposes, such as cooking or working on a laptop.


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