Korpinen is a Finnish pioneer in accessibility solutions.
We offer durable, customizable bathroom solutions that are designed with specific areas of use in mind. We help professionals create economically, socially, and aesthetically sustainable and functional spaces. We believe we are all designed equal, which is why we are continuously developing spaces that are equal for all.

Barrier free – except for microbes

Development on users’ terms

We invest in continuous research and product development in collaboration with users, health care professionals, and designers. All of our products include advanced solutions, from mechanics to material choices. Each product is tested thoroughly before commission to ensure a seamless user experience. 

Antimicrobial technology

Antimicrobial products ensure effective, permanent prevention from infection by actively reducing the presence of microbes, such as mould and bacteria. 

Colours designed to assist in understanding your surroundings

Colours and shades make a huge difference in the perception of space and distances. Hence, our choice of colours and lighting solutions for your bathrooms are selected with care.

Designed to improve usability

Every detail serves a purpose. Our carefully planned bathroom solutions improve usability and safety.

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NEW! A solution eagerly awaited by users and designers to enhance the usability of handheld showers


Korpinen's most anticipated new product, the Regal support rail with a pre-installed Oras remote-controlled Bidetta handheld shower connection cable, brings convenience in many ways; no battery changes are needed, the cable does not need to be threaded on-site or attached to the rail with cable ties. The cable inside the rail is protected, making it both stylish and a safe option.

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