Impact-resistant wall surfaces

Various spaces can be effectively protected with impact-resistant and antimicrobial BioClad wall surfaces. The wall surfaces are chemical resistant, which makes it easier to wipe and wash the surfaces.The small number of seams makes the space more hygienic and facilitates the installation of equipment when the equipment can be placed freely, and not just according to the tile seams.

The entire thickness of the wall surface contains the antimicrobial BioCote ingredient, so that the antimicrobial properties are maintained throughout the life of the product. The antimicrobiality of each batch is also ensured according to ISO 22196. We also use BioCote's antimicrobial technology in our other products. Read here more about the antimicrobial technology.

There is a wide range of different color options for the wall surfaces, in addition, the wall surfaces can be ordered with any picture or pattern.

2500mm x 1220mm x 2,5 mm
2800mm x 1220mm  x 2,5 mm
3050mm x 1220mm  x 2,5 mm