Safe products

Scandinavian interior design for safe and healing environments

A well-designed space serves both customers and employees. Safety products create a cozy and safe environment that supports well-being and rehabilitation. We offer a unique and wide range of products based on research data that prevent self-harm, harm to others and suicide attempts.

Our safety products are designed for psychiatric hospitals, forensic psychiatric hospitals, special nursing homes, prisons and other public spaces where it is crucial to ensure the safety of patients, clients and staff.


We offer safe products for different environments:

Bath room environment

The long desired en suite bathroom which most importantly provides patient autonomy can create an increased risk of self-harm and suicide. Partly because the private bathroom may not be supervised, partly because functions such as mirror, shower heads or hooks may be designed with ligature points, or be used for self-harm. Ligature points are places, e.g. a shower head, where a string or similar can attached to then be used for self-harm or suicide attempts.


Patient room environment

No other place may be as important for healing than the patient’s or client’s own room. Not only as a place for privacy, but also as a representation of who you are and how you are seen. A caring interior design with comfortable and well designed furniture is just as important in care environments as work environments, if not even more so.

Curtains and choice of fabric add color and warmth to a patient room. We do our best to find solutions for interior architects and facilities, the self harm preventive and suicide resistant curtain rail is one answer to several requests for innovative interior products.


Living room environment

A living room or lounge is at its best a positive social space where both patients/clients and staff interact to promote well-being and care. A couple of armchairs with small side tables can create zones of privacy, where the level of social interaction can be moderated. Larger zones with a mix of sofas and armchairs can foster social interaction. Clear sight lines can be obtained by interior design with low furniture and open seating arrangements.

Our range of robust and well-designed furniture provide a respectful, caring and well-functioning interior over time. Specifically designed for challenging environments they offer several smart and durable qualities that most furniture for public space lack.


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